I’m back

Hey everyone, I’m back for now. I started that other blog but my life is too busy for 2 blogs as well as school and family. I decided to delete that because I have loyal followers here and they don’t deserve to be abandoned.

I haven’t been making any entries because I needed a break from everything for awhile. I needed to do some thinking and I needed to figure some things out and now that I have gotten that done I can give you more entries.



Good to have you back.

Hey Ben – we’re glad you’re back with us! I hope you have everything all settled down and figured out. We’ll wait for you until you are ready to write. Take care of yourself first!


Glad to have you back!
Please read the questions and repsond!

Wasn’t the other blog the same thing? Or am I mistaken? I was under the impression that you were just writing the same stuff except posting it on both.


Sorry I am a little late. I just found you again. Glad that your back.

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Normally baseball is an escape from those other things in life that require all that hard thought and emotional distress. I wish you the best. http://eatsleepmlb.mlblogs.com

Ben please sign my letter to Bud Selig!

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/03/baseball_bucks.html

Welcome back. The Braves sure had their way with the Astros during the spring season. Good luck this year. MDD

Hardball, here is my new site:


Heeeeeyyyyy! I’ve been away for a while too.. let’s come back with vengence!

Hey, I just started writing blogs, haven’t really gotten any views other than me refreshing the page. Hopefully that will soon change.

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We are glad to see you again! We expect something new from you in this blog!

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